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  • Training curriculum on Social Entrepreneurship, ECVET compliant
  • Learning course on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Trainer’s handbook on Social Entrepreneurship
  • Online and mobile training platforms
  • Interactive tool-kit for small and medium enterprises
  • Supporting knowledge database with case studies, incl. good, bad and best practices, testimonies, videos, etc.
  • Mentoring program with entrepreneurs across the Balkan-Mediterranean area
  • Analysis and ways of accreditation of new profession “Social entrepreneur” in compliance with national regulations in vocational education
  • Induction learning sessions in every partner country with local trainees and young entrepreneurs by local trainers and facilitators
  • Joint training sessions in every partner country with local trainees and young entrepreneurs by joint team of trainers and practitioners from the partner countries
  • Joint local employment events incl. public authority and representatives of organizations of small and medium enterprises
  • Summary of the trainers and experts feedbacks and evaluations
  • Knowledge transfer provided by the Observer Partner (Belgium)
  • Raising public awareness regarding development of entrepreneurial skills by information and dissemination events
  • Memoranda of understanding or Charter on setup of a Entrepreneurial learning cooperation scheme

Work packages:

  • WP1 Project Management and Coordination
  • WP2 Project Communication and Dissemination
  • WP3 Development of learning materials
  • WP4 Development of mobile and online platforms
  • WP5 Induction training courses and setup of a learning cooperation scheme
  • WP6 Implementation and exploitation

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