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Aims and objectives

  • Develop joint training curriculum and tailor‐made learning modules raising competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises through practitioners’ field visits exchange.
  • Apply new innovative education and training methods/tools (online/mobile‐learning) through technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Support trainings targeted at start‐up businesses.
  • Promote and mediate in joint efforts among educational institutions and business communities in the Balkan-Mediterranean area (incl. transfer of best practice & know-how) to improve the quality of vocational training to better fit the required skills on the labor market.
  • Support strategic partnerships’ establishments between education/training centers, targeting entrepreneurship skills’ up‐date and development through joint programs tailored to the needs of the small and medium enterprises.
  • Organize joint vocational training schemes fostering entrepreneurial mindset, skills and capacities, addressing equally unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.
  • Establish transnational link between entrepreneurs, improving competitiveness by sharing best practices and knowledge, develop joint methodologies and promote peer mentoring among practitioners of the small and medium enterprises.
  • Set up transnational mentors network, willing to participate in development of newly established or young businesses.
  • Provoke participation of local, regional and national authorities, aiming at initiating involvement of poor or disadvantaged groups.