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“Networking & Mapping of Social Enterprises Ecosystem in Cyprus under the INNOVENTER project”, Nicosia, 16/11/18 (D2.5.5)

The workshop organized by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Friday, 16 November 2018 in Nicosia was devoted to the mapping of the social enterprises ecosystem in Cyprus and the creation of a network of social entrepreneurship entities.

Among the workshop’s speakers was Mr. Giorgos Isaias, an expert in social entrepreneurship issues, who presented the draft study concerning the mapping of the relevant ecosystem in Cyprus, which is being prepared by ‘Synthesis Centre for Research & Education’ on behalf of the European Commission. The workshop participants were afterwards engaged in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities offered by the social entrepreneurship sector in Cyprus under the coordination of Dr Stefanos Spaneas, Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia.

In this context, Ms Demetra Palaonda from the CCCI informed the participants on the latest developments in relation to the INNOVENTER project, spoke about the necessity of vocational education and training in social entrepreneurship, encouraging the participants to participate in the INNOVENTER project pilot phase as trainers, trainees and/or mentors.

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