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“Social Entrepreneurship in Cyprus & the INNOVENTER project”, Nicosia, 19/9/18 (D2.5.3)

The latest developments with regard to the legislative framework for Social Entrepreneurship in Cyprus, as well as the vocational educational training activities under the INNOVENTER project, were presented on 19th September 2018 at a public information event in Nicosia in the afternoon of 19th September 2018.

In particular, Mr Theopemptou, Member of the Cyprus Parliament discussed the Draft Bill for Social Enterprises which sets the criteria for the establishment of SEs and the creation of the Registry of the SEs in Cyprus. Then, the Action Plan for the Development of the Social Enterprises Ecosystem in Cyprus was presented, together with a presentation of how social enterprises can act as the catalyst towards the integration/inclusion of vulnerable groups of the society.

Finally, the importance of the INNOVENTER activities were discussed in detail, how well they blend with the current social entrepreneurship environment in Cyprus, since they aim at providing knowledge and expertise in the area of innovative entrepreneurial training, specifically in the SE area which is considered a tool of sustainable growth contributing to an all-inclusive growth, by which vulnerable groups of people can be integrated in the labor market.

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