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Workshop on INNOVENTER Social Entrepreneurship Training Program was held in Sofia

In June 26-27, 2018, a two-day intensive workshop on INNOVENTER Social Entrepreneurship Training Program was held in Sofia on INNOVENTER project with representatives of state institutions, teachers and academics, employers and enterprises of people with disabilities.

During the expert meeting, Eleonora Negulova and Tzvetka Petrelliyska from the NFRI team (the leading partner of the INNOVENTER project consortium) presented the concept, objectives and expected results of INNOVENTER as well as the idea of developing the training program on social entrepreneurship.
The partners from Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” participated actively in the discussion and introduced the participants with the idea in the development of the training program.
A useful insight into the social entrepreneurship training program “INNOVENTER” was presented by Professor Joseph Tavernier (former Belgian Health Minister and Lecturer at VIVES, Belgium). VIVES’s other representative – Professor Ron Beyrens – has enriched the seminar with the presentation of good practices / cases of social entrepreneurship, ways of acquiring knowledge, skills and competences in entrepreneurship – through the experience of Belgium; entrepreneur-social entrepreneur differences.

The discussion took place on the scope and methodology of the social entrepreneurship training program under the INNOVENTER.EU project
All participants provided encouraging recommendations and additions to the INNOVENTER Social Entrepreneurship Training Program, training materials and interactive training with the wish to successfully start the training.
Assoc. Prof. Daniel Pavlov from Angel Kunchev University of Rousse presented the innovative methods in the Business and Management Faculty to promote social entrepreneurship and the creation of intergenerational family businesses to enable students to integrate relatives and friends into their new start-ups . Details of this new theory can be found at:

The participants expressed their interest in the mobile e-learning platform for social entrepreneurship, published on the INNOVENTER.EU website, and shared their willingness to participate in the next initiatives of the project.
In the autumn of 2018, the first trainings on the curriculum are planned.

For more information: Elka Todorova,

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