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In view of the common needs and challenges of the Balkan-Mediterranean area such as slow growth, weak competitiveness, low level of entrepreneurship and a lack of innovative entrepreneurial training in the field of vocational training and non-formal learning, the project INNOVENTER combines strengths and opportunities of the partners to address these challenges by creation of a learning framework to promote social entrepreneurs competences and skills.

Project idea

The core idea is to establish vocationally oriented social entrepreneurship training for small and medium enterprises so that they innovate themselves, while at the same time also engaging disadvantaged people as employees. A gap that exists between commercial and social entrepreneurship will be addressed. The project embeds concepts of Social Business Initiative (Social economy and Entrepreneurship) with commercial entrepreneurship, embracing characteristics of a social enterprise and it will thrive to stimulate companies to be managed in a more open and responsible manner. Main project outputs all nationally adapted will be tailor-made ECVET compliant training courses on social entrepreneurship with curriculum, learning modules and handbook, online and mobile training platforms with interactive tools for small and medium enterprises and supporting knowledge database, mentoring program and employment issues.

The training will be piloted and implemented through induction sessions, extended distance learning sessions and training sessions by joint team and involving a cohort of local trainees. Core end-users are decision makers in small and medium enterprises, social enterprises and business organizations. Indirectly disadvantaged groups and social economy sector will benefit subsequently. Vocational teachers and trainers will acquire more experience on the social entrepreneurship theme. The real benefits and impact on the area will be the increase of competitiveness, innovation and employment levels of small and medium enterprises.


The approach is through combining in a logical sequence creation of learning content, online platform and piloting of the training courses to trigger learning cooperation scheme encompassing vocational training institutions and to implement innovative means injecting social aspects in the entrepreneurship training to enhance competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises discovering unused resources. A multi partner country approach is effective tool because the issues at stake are valid for all countries, while the elaborated training material and procedures require to be adjusted to local needs and regulations.

Target groups

  • Students in mainstream secondary or vocational schools on business management and economy subjects
  • Teachers in economy oriented schools
  • Trainers on entrepreneurial topics in vocational centres
  • Practitioners and entrepreneurs
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Business owners, social enterprises
  • Decision and policy makers

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